Address: Piazza Silvio Spaventa, 7

Entrance: Private building


The building, recently restored, was built in the 18th century by a certain Ricciardi from Naples, on land given to him by the Belprato family who were feudal lords of Campo di Giove. The building is now the Town Hall.


The palace has a massive stone structure and a façade which is divided into three levels. The first level consists of a row of tile windows - in the middle of which is the main, round, stone portal set between two tall pilasters. The second level has a series of rectangular windows with a horizontal crowning of which the central one, above the main door, is enriched by an impressive balcony supported by brackets. On the top level, corresponding to the mezzanine floor, there is a series of small elliptical openings. On the roof, dominating the whole body of the building, there is a square, brick dovecote with small openings.